Subject Area: Territorial Cooperation
Type: Study
Client: Committee of the Regions
Time Period: 11/2014–03/2015

Studies on the European Groupings for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC)

A multitude of studies and analyses address the instrument of cross-border cooperation.

This EGTC Monitoring Report draws a complete picture of both the established EGTCs and the groupings that were in the constitutional phase during the reporting period. In 2014, 50 EGTCs were established including more than 800 national, local and regional authorities from 20 different EU Member States. Sixteen groupings were in the constitutional phase. The report is an update of the precedent report for the year 2013 and provides a review on legal provisions, issues and factual information on the existing EGTCs. New in this report is information on the contributions to the Europe 2020 strategy and to the new Cohesion Policy.

One report examines the possibility of participation in EGTCs by entities outside of the EU. Another report analyses the roll of EGTCs in the single market based on specific key actions. The results suggest possible clauses in the convention, with which EGTCs could overcome barriers to the Single Market.

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