Subject Area: Cohesion policy
Type: Study
Client: European Parliament
Time Period: 01/2015–10/2015

Overview of the Partnership Agreements

This study presents a comprehensive overview of the content and approaches in the Partnership Agreements (PAs) of the 28 EU Member States. It involves an analysis of the priorities that have been introduced by the European Parliament in the legal framework. These comprise, among others, the function of the partnership agreements as a strategic document covering all five ESI-Funds, their alignment with the Europe 2020 strategy, EU Treaty-based policy objectives and the National Reform Programmes. The study provides a comparative analysis of the strategic approaches that the Member States have chosen, the coordination mechanisms between the funds, the use of integrated approaches such as CLLD (community-led development) and ITI (integrated territorial strategies). The study is supplemented by an annex including short profiles of all 28 PAs.

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