Subject Area: Cohesion policy
Type: Study
Client: European Commission;
DG Climate Policy
Time Period: 01/2013–12/2015

Mainstreaming Climate Change into ESI-Funds 2014–2020

This project scrutinises all Operational Programmes (OPs) and Partnership Agreements (PAs) in relation to combating and mitigating climate change submitted for the financing period 2014-2020. Metis is involved on two levels. First, two core team members provide specialised expertise related to the ESF and the EAFRD. They are involved in all tasks of the project, including the drafting of a Common Strategic Framework review, the development of scrutiny criteria for OPs and PAs and the design of workshops for other DGs and the country teams. Second, Metis coordinates the country teams in Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece. The country teams are mainly responsible for the scrutiny of the OPs and PAs.

Consortium Leader: COWI, DK

Link to the final report