Subject Area: Employment and Social Policy
Type: Evaluation
Client: European Commission;
DG Employment
Time Period: 09/2010–12/2013

ESF Expert Evaluation Network

What kind of results and successes did ESF-funding yield in the last period? The Metis team along with evaluation experts from every Member State pursued such questions. The objective of the ‘ESF Expert Evaluation Network’ is to set up a network of national experts – one in each Member State – to provide a concise overview of the evaluation activities in the Member States. This includes an inventory of evaluation plans and activities and an analysis of the findings and results of the evaluations to date. A synthesis covering all 27 Member States provides a coherent picture of the evaluation activities, compares the approaches and identifies relevant trends. During the project’s three-year duration, a total of 6 country reports per EU country (including both the achievements of the ESF as well as specifics on key aspects), 6 synthesis reports (including among others access to employment and social inclusion of young people) and a concluding summary on the results and successes were drafted.

Partners: TERU, University of Glasgow, UK

Link to the final report