Subject Area: Territorial Cooperation
Type: Technical Asstistance
Time Period: 26/10/2017-27/10/2017

Danube Financing and Capacity Building Dialogue

The Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of Moldova, the Coordination of Priority Area “Institutional Capacity and Cooperation” and the Foster Europe – Foundation for strong European Regions organised the “Danube Financing and Capacity Building Dialogue” in Chisinau (MD) on the 26th and 27th of October 2017.

The event:

  • Identified  the needs of the project promoters and further stakeholders in terms of decreasing cooperation barriers
  • Improved the cooperation and coordination between public as well as private donors and project promoters and initiated communication among donor organisations in Moldova
  • Provided in-deph information on the updates in the Danube Strategy
  • Provided know-how through best-practice examples from Romania, Austria, Germany in order to increase capacities for cooperation in regional development

High-level representatives from the EU institutions in Moldova, donors, regional development and economic institutions from the region discussed the necessity of collaboration for the common development of regional economy and capacity building as part of a better integration in a united Europe during the 3 parallel panels on the second day of the event.
The “Danube Financing and Capacity Building Dialogue” is a pilot initiative of the Donors’ Conference Framework for the Danube Region.

The Donors’ Conference Framework is developed by the coordination of Priority Area 10 “Institutional Capacity and Cooperation” together with regional, national, macro-regional and international partners. The framework serves as a format that gathers project promoters and public as well as private funding organisations in order to promote communication and mutual understanding between needs and opportunities. Furthermore, the framework aims at initiating the communication among funding organisations to contribute to a better coordination. The Donors’ Conference Framework and our implemented pilot event is capitalising on the findings of the Danube Financial Dialogues and is based on the outcomes of the discussions at the first National Participation Day in Chisinau in 2016.


Day 1:
Al-Karner-Presentation ADA 26.10.2017
Antonio_Castillo_Danube Financing – Chisinau 26.10.2017
Claudia_Singer-2017-10-26_PA 10_DPS Toolkit
Entrepreneurial ecosystem_ro_DanubeStartegy
Igor-Studennikov-UA-MD CBCChisinau_26 Oct 2017
Iulia_Petuhov_Business climate of the Republic of Moldova
Matija-Derk-Attrracting investments to regions
Niculae Marius Valentin_DTP Chisinau MVN
Oxana_Paierele_Sinergii SUERD
Swot analysis 26 Oct
Tatiana-Udrea-CTF_rezultate_noi initiative_lectii invatate
Viorica-Cerbusca-Entrepreneurial ecosystem_ro_DanubeStartegy

Day 2:
Co-financing of tourism projects in Moldova_ATDM
Co-financing of tourism projects in Moldova_ATDM_eng
Event 27 october 2017
IPAPS Dimo_Leah 25.10.17
IWRM prezentare 26.10.2017
Presentation_Andrei Isac_Mainstreaming Green Economy_27.10.2017_Rom_draft
Liliana Dobler Diaspora involvement in Local development Lozova
NEXUS 2015 HH and migrant survey ENG_26.10.2017
Chisinau_DFCBD_27 Oct 2017
Evoluția microbusinessului în Republica Moldova si necesitatile
Inovare si transfer tehnologic _ aborddare institutionala USARB
LM Prezentarea Centrului_Proiect
Panel on Growth and Regions_Moldova_Oct_2017

Day 1
Day 2